Welcome to the Beautiful Ritz Restaurant
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The French have a term for it – adieu – which means goodbye but only for now.   We are closed in our Fashion Island location but remain committed to finding a new location in Newport Beach or the surrounding area.

For three-plus decades the Ritz Restaurant, founded by Hans Praeger, has been in continuous business. But just as the location moved from the Newport pier to Fashion Island at one point, we are also moving our operations.  We regret our inability to remain in continuous operation but, as mentioned, we are continuing the search for a new location in order to build upon the concept of being a neighborhood restaurant and a community contributor.

The outpouring of love for our little restaurant with the giant spirit has been/is humbling.  We reciprocate that love and add our sincere appreciation for your loyalty.  A recent grass roots campaign to SAVE THE RITZ showed us clearly how much people appreciated our work.

We will be back as soon as we can.  In the interim, if you wish to contact us, please use the CONTACT FORM on this site.

From the hundreds and hundreds of Ritz employees, past, present (and future) we bid you adieu.

Goodbye for now.

We will return.

Ray Jacobi
Managing Partner, Ritz Restaurant